Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Hi.., I am a Gospel songwriter (and a singer too), but actually I prefer that people know me as a worshipper. Graduated from Institut Teknologi Bandung, majoring in Industrial Engineering.
Being a successful 'career' woman was my dream long time ago, but God has changed it with His plan. Now He makes me known not as a career woman, but a woman who 'cares' others by writing songs and articles to let them know God's love.

I fell in love with Jesus for the first time when I attended a Praise & Worship Service in my campus. Free lunch after that service motivated me to come.
Not because I was hungry with God's presence.
Even with that bad motivation,  Jesus still loves me.

Jesus touched my heart. And I started to cry, cry, and cry,  feel God's presence for the first time in my life.
And that was the turning point of my life.
From that time, I want Him more, more and more.
I ran into many Revival Meetings, just wanted to know Him more and more.

God continued His work and give me a melody and lyrics when I prayed in my room.
I thought it just like sing a new song in His presence.

I never realized that He gave me a special calling as His songwriter, until one day, one of my song "INDONESIA BAGI KEMULIAANMU" was recorded by CELEBRATION OF PRAISE, in 1990.
I heard many testimonies that God used this song to call His servant for His mission.
Many people came to the altar call, gave their life to Jesus.

Years then when I ministered to Community of  Indonesian Student in Beijing, the pastor told me that he gave his life to serve Jesus as His fulltimer after hearing that song. And that's not the only one testimony about people surrendered to God's caliing in their life after hearing that song.

Since 2006, I started to write an article on my blog, not just as a promotion media for my album, but to make my life (with Jesus inside) as an opened book for my brother and sister in Christ.
Little bit confused of my calling as a songwriter, because now I have many  inspiration getting in my mind to write an article more than to write a song, but I try to obey in what God will do in my life.

My prayer...through all of my songs and articles, you may read them as my BEAUTIFUL  love journey with Jesus.

All blessings,

Julita Manik